Dexis Digital X-Rays use 2/3 less radiation than traditional X-rays, and do not require time to develop. Dexis Digital X-Rays eliminates the need for chemicals to develop x-rays. This process is easier on the environment.

Digital Intra-oral and Extra-oral Cameras allow you to see what we see! These cameras allow you to better understand your treatment options. Our goal is to enhance the quality of care we provide to you.

Casey Interactive Patient Software is available in every treatment and consultation room. Available in English and Spanish, this software explains even the most complicated procedures in an easy and fun format. Ask our staff how Casey Interactive Patient Software can help enhance your visit.

Dentrix Practice Management Software is available on every office computer. With seamless integration along with Dexis Digital X-Rays, Dentrix Practice Management Software helps us organize your X-rays, photos and treatment recommendations all in one easy-to-use format. Dentrix allows for quick reference to your necessary documents, making it fast and easy to file your insurance claims or review your treatment plans!

Dental Magnification through the use of loupes ensures accuracy and advanced quality care. A loupe (pronounced loop) is a type of magnification device used to see small details more closely. Microscopic spaces within the mouth create the need for accuracy, and allows dentist to be as precise as possible.